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My career had plateaued and I needed to understand what makes me tick to focus on the right career choices. Helen helped me gain clarity on my values, strengths and what brings me joy. Very quickly. We also spent time rewinding my negative self-talk, which instantly gave me a confidence boost. I have felt so much happier and learned that if I know what I want and value myself, others will too.

- Elle

Helen is highly competent, warm and wonderful. Her guidance seems effortless and is spot on. I always look forward to our coaching sessions and gain so much from the self-insights that fall from talking to her. With Helens' support I have certainty about the right things to focus on (and how), without overwhelm despite so much going on!

- Cornelia

Initially, I started coaching with Helen because I was torn between two roles. I felt conflict between balancing my head and heart and the weight of expectation to continue to make the right career progression. I have always felt there's an element of my childhood backstory which defines me and knew I needed to explore this more too. Now I have a longer term career plan that allows me to live to my values in a more conscious, considered way.

- Millie

Helen's coaching has a finely-tuned perceptiveness. This means she quickly homes in and articulates thoughts, questions, observations in order to explore areas - without it feeling like hard work! Sessions are led with intent but also time to explore. This is no cookie-cutter coaching but a totally bespoke support system, tailored to any professional challenge. Sessions are never predictable and always enjoyable. And it's a shared investment where Helen is totally committed to supporting change and seeing change. Helen's coaching is a great experience!

- Emma

I became an accountant because that seemed 'safe' but think I always knew I wanted to be in the orbit of environmental issues I'd studied, and increasingly my preferred work oriented around people, not numbers. My big barrier was thinking about what others might think about my choice to drop the status that came with such a good job title, even though I didn't in my heart want to actually do that role anymore. Helens' coaching helped me understand what it was costing me to battle with that discussion in my head until I could accept it and focus on what I truly wanted. I literally learned to articulate the right words to explain, without being apologetic, and with pride about my choices and openness about my excitement.

- Eileen

I had spent more than 15 years wanting to shift my focus from a corporate career to one in the holistic world that is more aligned to my values. I had stopped and started many, many times. I felt stuck, frustrated and impatient to make the changes I knew I couldn't make happen on my own. My coaching with Helen helped me see I was stuck in busy-ness because I was anxious about being seen - and why. I needed to know I am in control of my destiny and safe to move into the uncharted career territory I want so much. Helen's coaching has unlocked my autonomy to do that. My holistic work now takes priority which feels liberating!

- Abi

Helen understands the struggles and uncertainty senior professionals like me feel and while her coaching approach is gentle, I completely trust its power in getting us where we need to be for ourselves. The best thing about working with Helen is probably the rapport we have built and ongoing support I feel. Now, my portfolio career of non-exec directorships are all aligned with environmental and social causes and because I have found a way to explain that my competencies blend with my calling to make a difference.

- Aileen

Helen's coaching sometimes uses frameworks and tools that structured our work have given me something to look back to which is valuable. Working with Helen, I gained clarity quickly that what I do needs to be about making a contribution. But the other major insight I got was into how I use self-sabotage!

- Lissa

I owe a huge thank you to Helen for her patience and relentless encouragement...and for not being taken in by any misdirection! I think the best thing about coaching with Helen is her honest and no-nonsense compassion. She spotted every single time I was hiding and gently encouraged me forward. I feel I understand myself much better and not just in my relationship to work. I remember hesitating about the financial commitment all that time ago and now it's so clear that was masking my own avoidance about finally being ready to 'go there'. So pleased I did!

- Anne

When I started coaching with Helen, I was transitioning back from life as an Expat, into my career as a doctor, with three young daughters and a husband setting up a new business. Life was hectic and I was struggling to balance the pressures of an emotionally demanding job with busy family life. I wanted to find clarity, direction and confidence. Helen is totally committed to her clients and has a great balance between being challenging but also caring and supportive. It was just what I needed from coaching.

- Mary

I was promoted very fast and felt plagued with self-doubt. It felt precarious where I desperately wanted to feel calm and confident about this amazing career opportunity. Helen helped me get my self-belief back remarkably quickly, and didn’t stop there! Sessions were powerful and thought-provoking and planned bigger, more exciting challenges for my future than I had ever imagined. I recommend Helen – strongly – to anyone feeling stuck in a rut, or struggling through some transition that crosses career and life and feels complicated, difficult or scary. It won’t for long!

- Suzanne

I heard Helen speak at an event in Brighton - about why we don't recognise our own Stuckness, and how to move past it by rewinding the stories you tell yourself. What she talked about just really rang true for me and I knew it was what I needed to work on to move forward. I was excited to book coaching with Helen and in that one, intensive session together, she truly unlocked some important things. I'm operating from a place of confidence and energy as I explore new ideas. And it all feels so much lighter for knowing I'm no longer carrying the weight of things that weren't actually there!

- Crystal

When I started coaching with Helen I was working hard, at a company that did not align with my values, couldn't fulfil my career aspirations and had to face the fact they didn't seem to value me. Helen helped me gain different perspectives on some tough situations so I could create my next career chapter. She has an ability to push for the full story when she somehow knows it's not been given!

- Peter

Helen is right there with you, striving for your success. If you work with Helen - and I certainly recommend you do - just be prepared to be open. You might not always be comfortable with that, but she will push in all the right ways and the more open you are, the more impactful your coaching will be! It is a joy to schedule sessions because they are enjoyable and impressive in equal measure. I came away motivated all over again every single time!

- Dan

After spending a long time working in one sector and having a very difficult few years at work, I was ready for a career change but didn't know in what direction to go after a global career path I didn't want to stay on.

Helen's approach is incredibly professional but delivered in a refreshingly straightforward way that really, really works.

- Sara

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