I work with companies who already know their most sustainable route to growth comes from
optimising the people who populate them.

Only then will you all thrive - together.


If you’re reading this, it’s because something is resonating.  Mine is a different perspective and it’s not for everyone. But it should be! 

Because I know what it takes to overcome resistance to change. 

o activate a culture of agility so your people thrive under your watch.

What if I told you a Coaching extension to your training and development spend is the difference between sending your people out of the business, into a training space where your investment gets left – and harnessing all that you hoped would come of it in the first place?  

And what if you could spot when your dynamic, new leaders flounder where you assumed they would flourish – and could conjure up the coaching support that would fix that? Fast. 

If you could run your business confident that your people were adaptive operators in your culture of courageous innovation? So your business was ever-evolving too. 

Relentlessly purpose-driven and utterly aligned.

That would mean the value of coaching within your business would be as commercial and compelling as it was laser-focused and compassionate.  

And that’s exactly what my 20 year PR-Past in global corporates, blended with my background in Psychology (and rigorous coach training) delivers for companies who want to optimise the committed careerists they work with. Because they know the value unleashed when a company operates from this place of integrity, elevation and evolution. 


The 3 Steps We'll Cover Together

When you don’t understand these steps, it’s easy to get stuck, trying things you hope might work. Knowing you need to make a difference to your people so you can build forwards, together, but not knowing how to make change happen.  While the truth is there’s no magic to realigning how you unleash the evolution you crave for the company, there is a particular pathway.  It’s pivotal in the face of change, restructuring and recovering from redundancies. Whatever your tipping point, the cultural shift in thinking is transformative for your team (and business).  Because strong leadership ironically means entire teams inevitably speak with one voice, and ideate from one place. A dangerous flaw. Until now.  Together we will unpack what matters most.  Illuminate the real problem. One we can act on.  Then shape the coaching collaboration that will achieve aligned, confident transformation across your team and for your business.

Step 1 - Aligned

We first work to understand – deeply – what your single biggest barrier to success is and how that impacts your people.  We look at the synergies as much as the areas of mis-match.  There are often hidden dynamics in the challenge of change that we need to bring into the open. This is intelligence-gathering and diagnostic. What work needs to be done? What change would that bring?

Only then can we unpack what coaching solutions will overcome the immunities in your company and for its’ people. What stands to impact at the intersection of the two? The right-fit coaching tools will be recommended once we have listened deeply, and are well-placed to design the architecture of your particular coaching. Then lead your people in that direction, so they develop.  

Step 2 - Confident

 We will spend time with what is holding your people most stuck.  It might not be comfortable but the growth opportunities fall from discomfort and it will gift unprecedented ownership of confidence. 

Being in the transformation business, that’s make-or-break to realising even the best-made plans.  

Any coaching collaboration offered will likely blend the following, as needed: 

ELEVATE: Coaching designed for imminent and fresh leaders alike. The scope of work ranges from silencing negative self-talk through to commanding credibility and team leadership of course. 

EVOLVE: This coaching is particularly powerful for blended teams. Perhaps they’re in recovery from a change of landscape after a merger or acquisition or for the best of reasons – growth. Perhaps an especially strong leader has moved on or indeed, is in place and powerfully driving the business – now space needs to be created to unlock creative ideation to support the drive forwards. 

In creative industries I see entire teams reel in the face of a fail.  Coaching can reactivate their resilience with the reframe that failure isn’t fatal – merely an event. One that we can learn from. Can get them back into action. Whatever the tipping point, EVOLVE coaching focuses on team dynamics that need change to build forwards again. 

FIERCE FOCUS: These coaching sessions are held 1:1 and often orient around emotional mastery. They work well as an added-value investment in your people at a designated level of seniority.  A bespoke approach to leadership coaching is intentional here. Sessions will be shaped around the individual and see them move into their full power – as an emergent leader, not a traditional one.

The other way Fierce Focus coaching unleashes growth is when it is pointed at a star operator you can simply see needs support. It might be around negotiating, presenting, grit or as broad as claiming confidence.  Being highly individualised, an intense burst of this coaching is often enough to see your prized professional navigate inner obstacles, reignite their creativity and thrive again.  

Step 3 - Transformation

You don’t pull off a good cultural backdrop without constant attention. Yet so often we don’t give this elusive environmental piece our time. If you’ve read this far, you already know nothing will change unless you change something.  And what’s important about that.

If we turn our attention towards your people together, we will co-create any Coaching collaboration – bespoke to your specific needs and with confidence there is real accountability here. Your people will reignite their excitement about work they love and where they do that, so you and they can thrive together. 




Did you know a recent study showed when doctors tell heart patients they will die if they don’t change their habits, only 1 in 7 will be able to follow through on good intentions? Desire and motivation just aren’t enough even when it’s literally a matter of life and death! 

Our ability to unlock change remains elusive. 

Given that tells us how potent the status quo is, regardless of whether it’s working for or against us, here’s a question.  

If you knew you were running out of time to make change happen, would you still run your company and look after your people the same as you do today? Or would you make change happen?

Psychology tells us that the truth is, our individual beliefs. along with the collective culture of the company we call ‘home’, creates an inevitable but powerful immunity to change. The good news is there are proven, psychology-backed ways to reveal the mechanisms holding us back. 

And that’s what inviting coaching into your company gives you – keys to unlock your potential and finally move forward. By illuminating – then disrupting – immunities to change, this brand of Executive Coaching brings your people forward with you.

 I can’t wait to see what transformation is sparked from our discussion together.  Until then.


Because no leader needs convincing that a culture of growth is top of the agenda!