If you’re reading this, it’s because something is resonating.  You feel stuck the wrong side of a career transition you know you need to thrive.  

What if I told you you could achieve the career clarity you crave, reimagine your next career (or business) chapter and make a concrete plan that will get you into action in one month?  And what if you could do that alongside a group of other women, led by someone who has successfully made a professional pivot herself and today enjoys the career congruence you want for yourself? That would be as nourishing and motivating as it would become rewarding and results-oriented.  

And that’s exactly what we’ll be doing together in the upcoming co-active coaching course, Careering, on Purpose

This is first and only time I plan to blend the tools used often in my high-end 1:1 coaching with the comradery of a live cohort and unique flexibility to co-create an agile course structure as we collaborate on making our online, live ‘course’ bespoke to your wants and needs. I hope you’ll join me.

The 3 Steps We'll Cover Together

When you don’t understand these steps, it’s easy to get stuck feeling what you do is bankrupt of all meaning but not knowing how to make change happen.  While the truth is there’s no magic to realigning what you do with the life you want to lead, the shift in thinking you will learn is transformative.  Because this level of thinking operates under the conscious.  Until now.  Together we will unpack what matters most.  Then reveal how to act on that for aligned, confident transformation.

Step 1 - Aligned

We work to understand – deeply – what you need to honour to live life feeling alive and aligned.   We look at the weakness in strengths, the value of values and unpack the sense of purpose that lives at the intersection of the two.  Then design your personal choice architecture from what we find so you can build towards work you love and know it is aligned with what matters most. 

Step 2 - Confident

We will spend time with what is holding you most stuck. Then learn how to rewind that narrative so you know how to pivot to your new story whenever it happens – the one where you do something different and get a different result.  Your new narrative. It might not be comfortable at first, but it will see you reclaim your confidence. And being in the transformation business, that’s make-or-break to realising even the best-made plans.

Step 3 - Transformation

Nothing will change unless you change something.  You will choose how to act on your chosen plan.  Change is not often convenient and most likely, disruptive. There will be personalised attention and real accountability here. My strong intention is that each participant will leave this co-active coaching course, excited to take their next steps in their real world. With certainty about how.


Because your needs aren’t luxuries and nothing will change unless you change something.

Our co-active coaching course will operate on twin-tracks across a 5 week period starting w/c April 20.  I will send you mini-modules once a week for self-paced consumption in the comfort of your own space, drawing on the structure (and psychology-backed tools) I use often in my high-end, 1:1 coaching.  

We will additionally arrange to ‘meet’ online in my Zoom Room weekly, as a community.  This will be our time to really apply the learnings falling from those pre-recorded mini-modules to your specific career contexts. 

We will alight on our preferred day / time for these interactive sessions nearer the time, once we have certainty about who is on board.  This approach of collaboration and communication will be typical as we move through our time together. Quick and easy typeforms will collect your feedback and preferences, then be used to inform and shape upcoming sessions according to your wants and needs. I’m very intentional about borrowing this language from the coach training institute (CTI) that trained me and leads the coaching world with the ‘co-active’ ethos I see has such impact in my coaching relationships.    


WEEK 1:         

The Weakness of Strengths, the Value of Values and Unpacking the Purpose that lives in-between

WEEK 2:         

An unnerving meeting with your Personal Sabateur and Rewinding The Narrative that’s there so you can get different results from now on – the outcome you want. Your new story!

WEEK 3:     

How many career chapters do you think you have ‘in you’? This week you will create a concrete plan (or three!) – that are all On Purpose – whether for you, that’s an elevation or career comeback within a familiar career landscape, a professional pivot or flexing entrepreneurial muscles!   


You feel clear about what you wish would happen next and now it’s time to stress test that ideation in your real world. Everyone will get to walk through how they can pilot test their thinking and build towards their preferred pathway so hopes become tied to reality. 

WEEK 5:        

The Last Words! Because ‘work hard and hope’ is not a strategy for success, we will anticipate those things that could threaten your progress – then put plans in place to navigate them so they can’t! 


Are you ready to invest in yourself so you can get unstuck? I don’t plan to run this format again so if you do want to take up this one time opportunity, it’s time to invest £250 (via PayPal) here so I know you’re ‘in’ I’ll then be in touch to acknowledge and collect preferences for our weekly time slot together. 

I can’t wait to see what transformations are sparked from our co-active coaching course.  

Looking forward to seeing you soon!  Until then, warmly Helen


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