The 5 Step ACT

Here’s how the ACT coaching system makes change happen: 




In a time when people feel conflicted between meeting outside expectations and honouring themselves, Helen is the only executive coach helping seasoned professionals, who know they need to fit work that they love around the life they want to lead, so they can be excited and confident about making a change.  

Together you will work with Helen’s  5-step ladder system, designed to help make a plan that aligns what you do with who you are – then act on it.

Here’s more about Helen’s ACT Ladder:

Step 1- Clarity

Together, we will do some work to get clarity on what success ‘looks like’ for you – at your core.

Coaching at this level is a highly bespoke proposition – as it should be.

We’re all refreshingly different and not always in touch with what’s shifting underneath the exteriors we inhabit.

We mine for your value set – those things in life that spark a feeling of genuine aliveness.

How would coaching strive effectively for alignment if we didn’t understand – deeply – what you need to honour in order to live life feeling aligned and alive?

Step 2- Align

We all evolve over time.

We all strive to make sense of life ‘events’ and this drive for meaning can trigger dynamic identity evolution. It’s why a perfectly successful career can give way to frustration or feels empty later on.

Competing priorities collide when our sense of self has evolved but we get stuck performing
an ‘old’ role. This conflict is felt most fiercely if the role given the most time is the least salient.

Together we will make a plan aligning what you do with who you are, at your core.

Step 3- What would you do if you knew you couldn't fall?

This step is all about confidence creation.

We spend time with what is hardest to be with for you. Perhaps a major life transition has wobbled your equilibrium? Children, a break-up, injury, redundancy?

You may feel perfectly confident on the surface but it’s still worth digging deep to reveal what are those things that could hold you back, could see you hesitate rather than step forwards as you claim your exciting new normal.

Is it comfortable to spend time here? Nope (Please know I will always be brutally honest with you!).

But it will gift you ownership of your Confidence – and being in the transformation business, that’s make-or-break to realising even the best-made plans.

Step 4- Planning and Practical Barriers

A practical, actionable plan is in motion.

You’re now set to be hugely more confident in the changes you are making happen.
You are confident both about pursuing your plan and knowing how to.
My vision for you now is that you are fluent at talking to the values that are core to your needs and wants.

You are even confident about the disruptive steps you are taking. You recognize this is you
choosing to feel alive – versus living on repeat, doing things that leave you feeling flat.

Step 5- and...ACT

It is now time for real accountability.

Thought-partnership is far from over when you’re ‘in action’ and actually it’s often more critical than ever at this time to help maintain motivation and focus – not to be confused with ‘cheerleading’. 

You will agree realistic timeframes for the steps necessary to achieving your desired goal.

You know you will be held accountable … which means curiosity will be employed if agreed steps are not taken. Why not? What does that tell us? How do we need to evolve your plan to address the learnings? And so we unlock your momentum to ACT … again and again…

If you’ve read this far, I think you may already know you want support in one or all five ‘rungs’ of the ACT ladder.   I wonder, what is the cost to you of not ACTing today?

Are you ready to make your new
career plan now?